Titan Song

Session X+2
The New Light

Orion prys open the cage to release the aasimar girl. Clare carries her out since she is the only one seems to trust. A little kid runs up to Xyn, grabs his cloak, and asks "Where's mommy and Daddy?". Clare tries to soothe the boy. Dey and Clare eventually reunite the boy with his parents.

Orion fights two dretches in a field. He wraps up the girl in his bull suit.

The party comes across the power rangers. Roy says they have orders to combat the cults. Roy gives Clare a piece of linking paper. The party fights some demons.

Session X+1
The Cult

As the party leaves the forest heading to Monroe, they spot the smoke coming from what appears a nomad camp. Upon closer inspection, they see a tent city surrounded by a low cloth wall. On the wall is an insignia of a standard bearer on a field of stars. Clare recognizes it as the cult that kidnaped her and her son. Orion offhandedly mentions that her son must have been used as a sacrifice. Dey, not sure of what demons are, asks what the connection is. The group mention that demons are usually summoned via the sacrifice of a child, virgin, librarian, etc.

Xyn approaches the camp sneakily. When he gets close he can hear music. The cultists are wearing purple robes with shiny cloth woven in to look like stars. Xyn kills a, what he later finds out to be a drow, cultists and takes his robe. He sees a teenage, female aasimar in a cage in the center of the camp.

"For once in our lives, we can have a plan!" -Xyn

Xyn lures a woman to a dark secluded part of the camp where her back was turned to him. He tries to makes her go outside, but instead, she is freaked out by the blood stain and goes to call for help. Defeated, Xyn goes outside, showing either modest restraint or sheer stupidity.

Clare and Xyn run clockwise around the camp. Clare takes the robe and ducks into the camp. Dey uses a spell to turn himself and Esta into torches and run counter-clockwise, setting the walls of the camp on fire.

Some cultists cut their throats and demons crawl out to fight.

"She's got the good good"

Clare uses eye daggers.

Session X
The Duality

After finding a place to stay in the aftermath of the battle with Zaluzi and Ori-Ori, Dey sets off on his own journey in the forest just outside the city. He walks along the Ruin, waiting to find some sign that he should continue deeper. Eventually, he finds a strange boulder that seems to have been cut in half, though the other half is nowhere to be found. Atop the half-boulder is a jaguar which, upon seeing Dey, dismounts and heads into the forest. Seeing his sign, Dey pursues.

Once in the forest, Dey "stalks" the cat while weaving a wreath of leave, twigs, and other detritus. He soon finds the cat hunting some of the small game. Trying to impress her, he hunts his own prey and leaves the gift at the bottom of a tree where the cat was sleeping. Upon waking at night, just as Dey was about to retire for the day, the cat finds the treat and turns her nose at it.

Realizing that a proud hunter such as her could only truly be appeased with a gift she herself could not obtain, Dey spends the night sleeping on a plan. Partway through the next day, Dey hears a roar from deep within the forest. He rushes to the source of the sound and finds the cat impaled by the antler of a buck, desperately trying to free himself. Seeing his opportunity, Dey runs up and sweeps the legs out from under the buck. The drop gave the cat enough leverage to strike at the antler, breaking it off and freeing the two beasts. Dey slowly approaches the cat which growls at him until letting its guard down. Dey comforts the cat as he reaches for the antler shard. He yanks the antler out at the same instant as casting a cure spell, healing the cat, though not without receiving a nasty gash on his left arm as the cat takes a defensive swipe.

Dey returns to the city with his new animal companion, Esta and finds the party back at the inn relaxing for the most part, preparing to leave. While heading out of the city via the Ruin, the party stumbles upon a boulder, seeming split directly in two but with no corresponding half in sight. Dey suspects this could have to do with the rock he saw the other day but says nothing of it.

After barely making it 100 yards into the forest, the party is attacked by a strange man who seems to be made of stone. He appears to be impervious, or at least resistant, to magic and the effects of shatter do not phase him. Clare, who is in possession of the pearl of speech, can make out that he is angry over "not being whole" and seems to blame the party. Upon hearing this, Dey makes the connection that the two half rocks must be related and tells the party to help him push them together across the Ruin. The rock man, though desperately angry, did not attack the party as they pushed the boulder across the Ruin to reunite it with its other half. Once they were about 50 or so feet out from the other half, they saw a similarly rocky looking woman standing next to the boulder, a happy, calm, and welcoming look on her face. A silky thread seemed to reach out between the two rocks which grew in thickness the closer they were to each other. The party had not quite pushed it all the way when the two rocks lifted off the ground and catapulted themselves towards each other, their rocky patrons in tow. Once reunited, two strange symbols appeared in Tenochan. Orion could only make out one of them which seemed to read "road". He placed his hand on this symbol and both disappeared.  A magic belt was produced by the rock, probably as a thanks.

Back on the road again, the party paused in a particularly dense section of forest as they heard a chittering in the underbrush. A crossbow bolt flew out and just barely missed Xyn. It was fired by a group a rat looking humanoids hiding in a bush. A battle ensued with Clare being pelted from all sides by crossbow bolts as she took pots shots with her eldritch blast, Xyn trying to sneak up on a few of them, Esta being adorable what with the murder and such, and Orion leaping around the forest, at one point throwing one rat person into another.

After the battle, when all was calm, Orion did not move, his eyes still glowing red, a habit during battle. He takes a step menacingly towards Xyn, his footfall causing the birds in the trees to flee. The party members try to calm him down, but he continues to advance. At the last moment, his eyes return to normal. He seems to have no recollection of the battle.

Session 11
The Fourth Floor
Session 10
The Third Floor

Clare and Dey get placed in a storage room inside the Baloedic Tower. Kroeger can't think of a word to use and berates one of his men for trying to help think of a word before storming out in a huff. Moments later he returns, proving he knew what word he was trying for.

Annoyed by his captive's constant attempt to annoy him, the guard orders up a silence scroll from a guard outside. Clare bull rushes the guard but gets knocked down and kicked by the guard. The two party members concoct a plan via miming where Clare charges at the guard, distracting him, while Dey uses his boots of stomping to knock the guard to the ground. They manage to knock the guard unconscious and try to find a way out of the room, the scuffle unnoticed due to the silence spell.

Orion and Xyn follow Clare, Dey, and their captors to the tower. While Orion is practicing, Xyn calls from him from downstairs, being unable to access the upper floors. They convene outside to discuss a plan.

Orion goes to Prof. Orff's office/apartment and punches him in the back of the head. He tries to make it look like an accident. Orion searches the desktop and finds a strange triangular thing, possibly made of marble. They manage to get to the third floor and kill three of the guards there. They find Dey and Clare in the storeroom and let them out. During the fight a guard blows a horn so the party waits in ambush.

Session 9
The First Day of School

The party travels to the item store to look for items which can help them take the Balloedic tower, either as explosives or for distractions.

Orion goes to class taught by the very old and very disheveled Dr. Orff (tall and gangly). He is not very good. Orion lazes off and doodles people into the margins and notes of his music.

Dey attempts to create a forgery of Orion's student pass but finds an arcane mark on it. Xyn is disappointed that Dey can't swing both ways (arcane and divine). Inception. Xyn goes to the bar to try and find a wizard that has arcane mark prepared to steal. Upon learning that Xyn is a spellthief the bartender triggers a silent alarm. Armed guards arrive soon after. The party, excluding Orion jump out the window to escape. The guards enter the room, but with only Orion left the guards view the room as empty.

The guards give chase and attempt to subdue the party with tanglefoot bags. Xyn and Clare kill one of the guards while the other signals for help. Orion, in the midst of all this, leaves to go to class.

Seeing his friend dead, the other guard summons help. A bard and three more fighters appear and try to subdue the party. The posse captures Dey and Clare with Xyn flying off in owl form into the streets.

Session 8
The Bass Drop

The party rests during the day to go and find the demonhive at night. They meet Manthet at the forests edge and says his mind is strong but is no fighter.

The party defeats a posse of demonhive attendants in the middle of the night. Dey fire punches a tree with the hive in it.  A rainstorm starts and keeps the party in check. Chirp shows up saying he was responsible for the storm and transports the party back to the town via lightning while sending Manthet to Monroe.

Orion blasts the shit out of a door in a practice room due to the static from Chirp's teleport.

"I dropped the bass"

Zaluzi is brought via palanquine through the town, passed out drunk. Sensing that he would not wake the crier that accompanied him said that he was on his way towards Tenochi to broker some kind of deal.


Session 7
The Trail to the Festival

I'm an idiot and didn't save the previous session's stuff, fix that -Dettman

Part 2 of the session:

Dey climbs a tree and sees a clearing in the distance as well as the town. The party heads towards the clearing wearing their costumes. Upon approaching the clearing they hear a scuffle, which upon closer inspection is a redcap chasing around a blue goblin.

The goblin is named Manthet, named after the greatest warriors of all, Man. The party mentions that they know where Monroe is.

"Greg do you want to fight or attack?"

"I want to attack!… Wait, what was the first option?"

Demonhive fight

Arrive at Verso (the town) and Xyn, Clare, and Orion go to the dance commencing at the tower while Dey goes to the tavern.

Dey talks with stoner Codi.

A desperate guy gives Clare a sending scroll.

Everyone drinks the terrran brandy and gets messed up.

Session 6

The party waits around in the medical tent to see if the soldier they almost killed earlier wakes up. Seeing that the man is incredibly injured, the party decides to leave for Monroe to check-in and also check on what happened to the birds.

A bison wrecks Xyn. The party kills the bison against all odds and eats like kings. The next day, on their way to Monroe the party sees a poorly constructed campfire in the distance and decides to investigate. Xyn sneaks up and attacks the man, finding a similar note on his person and papers identifying him as a Fellowship man. He burns his face in a fire for some reason.

"Arf." -Sprinkles the cat.

The party meets Djenne at the gates to Monroe and asks why she hadn't heard from them. She gives them a hint about how to solve the cipher. She tells them of another mission where they are to investigate a town that had recently been "purged" of all non-humans after the human populace seemed to turn on their neighbors.

Dey buys Clare an hourglass shaped outfit with large, flaring pants and a massive red should piece that makes it look like the wearer is on fire. It is beige and red. For himself he buys a cloak/cape combo. The cloak is completely black while the cape starts on both shoulders but tapers down to essentially a single thread on the right side of his body. There is also a shoulder piece that sweeps from the back of his neck in front of his face with holes cut out for eyes. Both the shoulder piece and cape have a red gradient.

Orion buys the bison pelt from Dey and takes it to a tailor to be made into a three piece suit. The pants are not entirely finished with the lacking material replaced by black leather. There is also a top hat mask combo made from the bison's skull and horns. It looks bamf. Dey takes the bottom jaw to use as a bottom mask.

Xyn buys a ghosty outfit.

Dey and Clare figure out the cipher!

Session 5
The Realization

I forgot to make a post for this session. Basically, everyone realized that goblins are in fact evil and that the party are a bunch of idiots. Feel free to edit this if you remember anything important.


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