Titan Song

Session 10
The Third Floor

Clare and Dey get placed in a storage room inside the Baloedic Tower. Kroeger can't think of a word to use and berates one of his men for trying to help think of a word before storming out in a huff. Moments later he returns, proving he knew what word he was trying for.

Annoyed by his captive's constant attempt to annoy him, the guard orders up a silence scroll from a guard outside. Clare bull rushes the guard but gets knocked down and kicked by the guard. The two party members concoct a plan via miming where Clare charges at the guard, distracting him, while Dey uses his boots of stomping to knock the guard to the ground. They manage to knock the guard unconscious and try to find a way out of the room, the scuffle unnoticed due to the silence spell.

Orion and Xyn follow Clare, Dey, and their captors to the tower. While Orion is practicing, Xyn calls from him from downstairs, being unable to access the upper floors. They convene outside to discuss a plan.

Orion goes to Prof. Orff's office/apartment and punches him in the back of the head. He tries to make it look like an accident. Orion searches the desktop and finds a strange triangular thing, possibly made of marble. They manage to get to the third floor and kill three of the guards there. They find Dey and Clare in the storeroom and let them out. During the fight a guard blows a horn so the party waits in ambush.

Session 9
The First Day of School

The party travels to the item store to look for items which can help them take the Balloedic tower, either as explosives or for distractions.

Orion goes to class taught by the very old and very disheveled Dr. Orff (tall and gangly). He is not very good. Orion lazes off and doodles people into the margins and notes of his music.

Dey attempts to create a forgery of Orion's student pass but finds an arcane mark on it. Xyn is disappointed that Dey can't swing both ways (arcane and divine). Inception. Xyn goes to the bar to try and find a wizard that has arcane mark prepared to steal. Upon learning that Xyn is a spellthief the bartender triggers a silent alarm. Armed guards arrive soon after. The party, excluding Orion jump out the window to escape. The guards enter the room, but with only Orion left the guards view the room as empty.

The guards give chase and attempt to subdue the party with tanglefoot bags. Xyn and Clare kill one of the guards while the other signals for help. Orion, in the midst of all this, leaves to go to class.

Seeing his friend dead, the other guard summons help. A bard and three more fighters appear and try to subdue the party. The posse captures Dey and Clare with Xyn flying off in owl form into the streets.

Session 8
The Bass Drop

The party rests during the day to go and find the demonhive at night. They meet Manthet at the forests edge and says his mind is strong but is no fighter.

The party defeats a posse of demonhive attendants in the middle of the night. Dey fire punches a tree with the hive in it.  A rainstorm starts and keeps the party in check. Chirp shows up saying he was responsible for the storm and transports the party back to the town via lightning while sending Manthet to Monroe.

Orion blasts the shit out of a door in a practice room due to the static from Chirp's teleport.

"I dropped the bass"

Zaluzi is brought via palanquine through the town, passed out drunk. Sensing that he would not wake the crier that accompanied him said that he was on his way towards Tenochi to broker some kind of deal.


Session 7
The Trail to the Festival

I'm an idiot and didn't save the previous session's stuff, fix that -Dettman

Part 2 of the session:

Dey climbs a tree and sees a clearing in the distance as well as the town. The party heads towards the clearing wearing their costumes. Upon approaching the clearing they hear a scuffle, which upon closer inspection is a redcap chasing around a blue goblin.

The goblin is named Manthet, named after the greatest warriors of all, Man. The party mentions that they know where Monroe is.

"Greg do you want to fight or attack?"

"I want to attack!… Wait, what was the first option?"

Demonhive fight

Arrive at Verso (the town) and Xyn, Clare, and Orion go to the dance commencing at the tower while Dey goes to the tavern.

Dey talks with stoner Codi.

A desperate guy gives Clare a sending scroll.

Everyone drinks the terrran brandy and gets messed up.

Session 6

The party waits around in the medical tent to see if the soldier they almost killed earlier wakes up. Seeing that the man is incredibly injured, the party decides to leave for Monroe to check-in and also check on what happened to the birds.

A bison wrecks Xyn. The party kills the bison against all odds and eats like kings. The next day, on their way to Monroe the party sees a poorly constructed campfire in the distance and decides to investigate. Xyn sneaks up and attacks the man, finding a similar note on his person and papers identifying him as a Fellowship man. He burns his face in a fire for some reason.

"Arf." -Sprinkles the cat.

The party meets Djenne at the gates to Monroe and asks why she hadn't heard from them. She gives them a hint about how to solve the cipher. She tells them of another mission where they are to investigate a town that had recently been "purged" of all non-humans after the human populace seemed to turn on their neighbors.

Dey buys Clare an hourglass shaped outfit with large, flaring pants and a massive red should piece that makes it look like the wearer is on fire. It is beige and red. For himself he buys a cloak/cape combo. The cloak is completely black while the cape starts on both shoulders but tapers down to essentially a single thread on the right side of his body. There is also a shoulder piece that sweeps from the back of his neck in front of his face with holes cut out for eyes. Both the shoulder piece and cape have a red gradient.

Orion buys the bison pelt from Dey and takes it to a tailor to be made into a three piece suit. The pants are not entirely finished with the lacking material replaced by black leather. There is also a top hat mask combo made from the bison's skull and horns. It looks bamf. Dey takes the bottom jaw to use as a bottom mask.

Xyn buys a ghosty outfit.

Dey and Clare figure out the cipher!

Session 5
The Realization

I forgot to make a post for this session. Basically, everyone realized that goblins are in fact evil and that the party are a bunch of idiots. Feel free to edit this if you remember anything important.

Session 4
The Choice

Orion while patrolling the cave notices something hiding in the bushes and pushes his sword through it to draw whatever it is out. A man emerges from the bush and starts running away. Xyn runs toward Orion who then catapults him toward the fleeing man. Xyn stabs the man in the shoulder, but the man turns and throws him to the ground. After a quick skirmish the man falls unconscious, to the ground, but not before he gravely injures Xyn. 

Orion remembers that he didn't like goblins in his past life. "I just remembered something from when I was not a robot!"

Dey and Clare head back to town to send the bird and drop off the prisoner. Dey however, decides to free the prisoner who decides to go back to the cave to finish his mission. Dey tries to stop the man with the help of the townsfolk, but the man pleads to the people to let him finish the goblins off since he knows they are responsible for infecting the people. The people get riled up and just as he turns around to go back to the cave, Dey hits him on the head. This incites a riot in the crowd. As the man walks away Dey, now in wolf form, tries multiple times to attack him but fails.

Gregor, the leader of the militia, stops the mob before it gets out of town. He exchanges heated words with Dey about the fate of the goblins. He escorts Dey and Istus (the prisoner) to his tent. "Goblins are born evil, they die evil, all of the in between of their lives is evil." Great roleplay commenced. Gregor sent Dey out of the town and said he was not to return.

 Dey went to the medical office to ask the chief if he can help him. He says no but he'll ask Gregor about the vote. The vote is still on but won't happen until dusk. Dey goes to the post office to ask about the previous bird they sent. The postman says he can't serve them (actually just Dey) but all of the birds they've sent south to Monroe haven't returned in the past 2 days. Luckily, Gen Erik (Charlie) can send a bird because he hasn't been banished. The healer's name is Kan.

"I have to be going now" -Dey

Buddy guy named Cyfa (chifa) waits at edge of town with Balto the donkey. Dey waits until Cyfa stops watching him and then turns for the goblin cave. When Dey and Gen get to the cave they both try and explain to Orion what happened which causes his eyes to glow a multitude of colors. Dey tries to mime to the goblins that they should move caves. However, they don't know of any caves nearby. When Dey mimes toward the village and a cutting motion with a sword and the goblins cheer. It is then that the party realizes that goblins may be inherently evil.

Gen tries to scare the goblins away with a torch, but some of them get caught up when they see the prisoner captured earlier by Orion and Xyn. In trying to ask a goblin what it thinks about the man with a stick and dirt drawing the goblin tries to attack the man, but Dey stops it and sends it on its way.

Orion takes the prisoner back to the town. The town is mostly empty though the party gets terse stares. Orion goes to the main tent and hears Gregor explaining the reason a vote is taking place and what the options are. Just before the votes are cast Orion walks in and explains the man he nearly killed. The party takes the man back to Kan's office to wait for him to wake up and interrogate him.

Session 3
The Sick and Wounded

The party looks for some place to sleep, but seeing no free beds, outside of those reserved for the sick and injured, decide to sleep on the ground.

Orion tends to a fevered child during the night, lending a cool hand to comfort her. Xin grapples with his morality, as he considers murdering all the children (putting them out of their misery.)

The next day the party discovered that a patrol was attacked in the night

"What these people need is not vengeance through killing, but healing and safety." -Dey
"it's not vengeance, it's punishment and prevention." -Zin

"Did you hear about the murder machine?" "Yeah, there's a robot in town!"

"Vote for Zin and we will win!"

The party joins the guard, but on their own as the rest of the guards are fearful of Orion as the rumors of a "killing machine" spreads.

The party finds a goblin cave and kills two wargs and a goblin, with one goblin sounding a horn and retreating back into the cave. Xyn is badly hurt and is taken back to town to rest. 


In goblin cave Orion turns around to address guards and with a scream, a goblin vaults from the ceiling to attack Orion, but misses and falls on the ground dead. The guards think this is due to Orion being the "Murder Machine".

Kill goblins in cave, find all the women and sick children, one of the fighters sent with the party tries to kill them. Orion and Xyn stay in the cave to watch over the goblins, the rest of the party goes back to town to send a bird to Monroe to find a goblin translator.

Session 2
The Resupply

Beginning the Adventure on an island, in the Town of Monroe, a rebel-held city.

Hoa takes the party across the main bridge into the city as people are getting ready to start the day. The party travels to the east towards the Headquarters of the city. after a knock the doors swing open and the party is greeted by a half-elf, with a song bird on her shoulder, and her name Djenne. Chirp is a halfling. Zin goes to get healed in the university during a theology lesson. The party gets work forms so they can get jobs. A year of work and learning passes…

Zin is approached with a task to the outside, and is told to gather allies for such a task. Zin, Orion, Dey, and Claire have to bring a cart load of healing potions (plus a donkey) to a nearby allied town, Lavashi, to heal sick children until an antidote is able to arrive.

After camping during the first (rainy) night the party started moving at sunrise. While moving the party was attacked by a worg, moving under the cover of rain and wind. Dey cast a spell to transform into a wolf and tried to track the scent of the worgs. After sensing another worg Dey tried to signal to the party that there were more, but in the process was attacked. The party killed the worg, but not before it knocked Dey unconscious. The party traveled until they reached the town, and immediately the cart was unloaded and the potions doled out. Zin assures the guard who accepted the party that Dey would be able to heal more than the one missing potion is worth, (after a full night rest of course.)

As the session ends the Dey is moved onto a cot in the infirmary to heal and the rest of the party turns in for the night, weary and hoping the one potion they used was worthwhile…

Session 1
Prison Escape

Arriving together by cart, the party finds themselves at the Camp Crystal detention facility where they are to stay until a relocation area is found for them. Upon arriving at the camp they are processed and some of the party decides to take a shower to remove the filth from weeks of travel. Here, the rather beautiful Clare is ogled by some of the guards on duty.

After a brief tour of the camp they are taken to their bunkhouse where they meet a new roommate, Hoa, a sharakim. Hoa is friendly and well spoken and introduces himself to the party after welcoming them to their new, temporary home. After this brief exchange, Hoa offers to take the party to dinner. Not needing to eat Orion initially decides not to go, but quickly changes his mind. The trip to the mess hall takes the party through the grove, a collection of fruiting trees, beehives, and other assorted agricultural products and it is here the party sees a gathering of people excited over some event happening at its center. Most of the party pays it no mind and passes it over, but Orion and Xyn stop to see what the commotion is about.

The two meet Kipi and the Strong, a gnome and half-orc, respectively. Kipi is boisterous and friendly, a solid foil to the mainly silent the Strong. Playing a simple game of dice, Xyn wins a small bushel of berries from Kipi

At the meal Arachna, Dey, and Clare met Shane, a new guard at the camp who shuns eating with his fellow guards because the inhabitants of the camp are far more interesting to him. Unlike the other guards they have met so far, Shane genuinely seems to like all the people in the camp and wants them to be happy. Among all the people eating, one stands out. A loner in a cloak sits by their self against the wall. Dey and Clare approach them:

"Hey, I am Dey," he said guardedly.

"And I'm the fucking night." Ohi said

That night, after he is fairly certain some portion of the bunkmates have fallen asleep, Hoa explains his plan to Orion and Xyn. Orion explains that he wants to raid the hospital.

Orion and Xyn walk around the camp late at night. Xyn finds Ohi hiding in a tree.

"Who are you?" the man in the tree asked.


"Man, I'm not a great person either, but i wouldn't call myself sin."

"No Xyn, with a X." 

At breakfast next day, Kipi and the Strong eats with Dey, Xyn, and Orion. Xyn tells of encounter with Ohi. Kipi tells group that there are rumors going around about Ohi. Xyn subtly mentions that he scoped out the hospital.

Arachna hits on Shane. 

Kippi meets with Xyn to tell him about her plan to take over the camp.

Hoa hands Clare a note telling them to meet after two nights in a row of nightmares.

Dey heads to grove to change his aspect, Xyn purposefully falls out of a tree to get admitted to the hospital. Orion and Clare follow Greg to hospital. Dey looks for Hoa.

Xyn while in the hospital tries to steal needles from the nurses station. A nurse turns and sees Xyn sneaking low to the floor when he accidentally makes a noise. She asks him what he's doing and he responds "I have to use the bathroom." Then she asks why he's on the floor and he says "I just feel very scared. This whole place is terrifying- I'm scared." She believes him (somehow) and walks him back to the bed. The next day Xyn tries to acquire half a dozen needles and some vials of some liquid. When Xyn tries to leave the guards question him and become suspicious and almost discover the items he stole. He feigns being scared like a little babby again and successfully keeps the contraband hidden. Xyn is once again a free prisoner.

In the next weeks to come Clare and Deyclathar spend their free time making a map of the grounds, and trying to learn the guards' patterns, digging the tunnel, and trying to blend in with the other prisoners.

The party decides to go with a modified version of the tunnel plan where Xyn will sneak outside the camp once through the tunnel, to obtain more information before the rest of the party leaves.

"Fuck dirt, I'll use my hands."

The party decides that the best way to escape the camp is to use Hoa's plan and escape via tunnel. On the night they are set to escape (about 7 weeks after their admittance), Clare, Dey, and Xyn are spotted by the guards. In their haste to hide/escape Dey and Xyn follow Orion towards the tunnel, while Clare heads elsewhere to avoid leading the guards to the tunnel. Clare changes her mind eventually, but too late and is assaulted by guards at the door to the house above the tunnel. Dey and Xyn double back to find Clare once they hear pounding on the door. They too are assaulted by the guards, with Xyn being stabbed by one of the. A dual effort by Orion and Hoa allow the team to escape, with Clare regaining consciousness.

By light of the moon, Hoa guides the party through the plains searching for the promised rebel city. After walking all night, the party is struck by a strange phenomenon as the sky seems to fast-forward itself to dawn, the sky visibly moving. Looking back in front of them, they find themselves astride a river, across which lies a city, a city that was not there a moment ago.

"Welcome to Monroe."


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