Titan Song

Session 3

The Sick and Wounded

The party looks for some place to sleep, but seeing no free beds, outside of those reserved for the sick and injured, decide to sleep on the ground.

Orion tends to a fevered child during the night, lending a cool hand to comfort her. Xin grapples with his morality, as he considers murdering all the children (putting them out of their misery.)

The next day the party discovered that a patrol was attacked in the night

"What these people need is not vengeance through killing, but healing and safety." -Dey
"it's not vengeance, it's punishment and prevention." -Zin

"Did you hear about the murder machine?" "Yeah, there's a robot in town!"

"Vote for Zin and we will win!"

The party joins the guard, but on their own as the rest of the guards are fearful of Orion as the rumors of a "killing machine" spreads.

The party finds a goblin cave and kills two wargs and a goblin, with one goblin sounding a horn and retreating back into the cave. Xyn is badly hurt and is taken back to town to rest. 


In goblin cave Orion turns around to address guards and with a scream, a goblin vaults from the ceiling to attack Orion, but misses and falls on the ground dead. The guards think this is due to Orion being the "Murder Machine".

Kill goblins in cave, find all the women and sick children, one of the fighters sent with the party tries to kill them. Orion and Xyn stay in the cave to watch over the goblins, the rest of the party goes back to town to send a bird to Monroe to find a goblin translator.



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