Titan Song

Session 4

The Choice

Orion while patrolling the cave notices something hiding in the bushes and pushes his sword through it to draw whatever it is out. A man emerges from the bush and starts running away. Xyn runs toward Orion who then catapults him toward the fleeing man. Xyn stabs the man in the shoulder, but the man turns and throws him to the ground. After a quick skirmish the man falls unconscious, to the ground, but not before he gravely injures Xyn. 

Orion remembers that he didn't like goblins in his past life. "I just remembered something from when I was not a robot!"

Dey and Clare head back to town to send the bird and drop off the prisoner. Dey however, decides to free the prisoner who decides to go back to the cave to finish his mission. Dey tries to stop the man with the help of the townsfolk, but the man pleads to the people to let him finish the goblins off since he knows they are responsible for infecting the people. The people get riled up and just as he turns around to go back to the cave, Dey hits him on the head. This incites a riot in the crowd. As the man walks away Dey, now in wolf form, tries multiple times to attack him but fails.

Gregor, the leader of the militia, stops the mob before it gets out of town. He exchanges heated words with Dey about the fate of the goblins. He escorts Dey and Istus (the prisoner) to his tent. "Goblins are born evil, they die evil, all of the in between of their lives is evil." Great roleplay commenced. Gregor sent Dey out of the town and said he was not to return.

 Dey went to the medical office to ask the chief if he can help him. He says no but he'll ask Gregor about the vote. The vote is still on but won't happen until dusk. Dey goes to the post office to ask about the previous bird they sent. The postman says he can't serve them (actually just Dey) but all of the birds they've sent south to Monroe haven't returned in the past 2 days. Luckily, Gen Erik (Charlie) can send a bird because he hasn't been banished. The healer's name is Kan.

"I have to be going now" -Dey

Buddy guy named Cyfa (chifa) waits at edge of town with Balto the donkey. Dey waits until Cyfa stops watching him and then turns for the goblin cave. When Dey and Gen get to the cave they both try and explain to Orion what happened which causes his eyes to glow a multitude of colors. Dey tries to mime to the goblins that they should move caves. However, they don't know of any caves nearby. When Dey mimes toward the village and a cutting motion with a sword and the goblins cheer. It is then that the party realizes that goblins may be inherently evil.

Gen tries to scare the goblins away with a torch, but some of them get caught up when they see the prisoner captured earlier by Orion and Xyn. In trying to ask a goblin what it thinks about the man with a stick and dirt drawing the goblin tries to attack the man, but Dey stops it and sends it on its way.

Orion takes the prisoner back to the town. The town is mostly empty though the party gets terse stares. Orion goes to the main tent and hears Gregor explaining the reason a vote is taking place and what the options are. Just before the votes are cast Orion walks in and explains the man he nearly killed. The party takes the man back to Kan's office to wait for him to wake up and interrogate him.



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