Titan Song

Session 6

The party waits around in the medical tent to see if the soldier they almost killed earlier wakes up. Seeing that the man is incredibly injured, the party decides to leave for Monroe to check-in and also check on what happened to the birds.

A bison wrecks Xyn. The party kills the bison against all odds and eats like kings. The next day, on their way to Monroe the party sees a poorly constructed campfire in the distance and decides to investigate. Xyn sneaks up and attacks the man, finding a similar note on his person and papers identifying him as a Fellowship man. He burns his face in a fire for some reason.

"Arf." -Sprinkles the cat.

The party meets Djenne at the gates to Monroe and asks why she hadn't heard from them. She gives them a hint about how to solve the cipher. She tells them of another mission where they are to investigate a town that had recently been "purged" of all non-humans after the human populace seemed to turn on their neighbors.

Dey buys Clare an hourglass shaped outfit with large, flaring pants and a massive red should piece that makes it look like the wearer is on fire. It is beige and red. For himself he buys a cloak/cape combo. The cloak is completely black while the cape starts on both shoulders but tapers down to essentially a single thread on the right side of his body. There is also a shoulder piece that sweeps from the back of his neck in front of his face with holes cut out for eyes. Both the shoulder piece and cape have a red gradient.

Orion buys the bison pelt from Dey and takes it to a tailor to be made into a three piece suit. The pants are not entirely finished with the lacking material replaced by black leather. There is also a top hat mask combo made from the bison's skull and horns. It looks bamf. Dey takes the bottom jaw to use as a bottom mask.

Xyn buys a ghosty outfit.

Dey and Clare figure out the cipher!



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