Titan Song

Session 7

The Trail to the Festival

I'm an idiot and didn't save the previous session's stuff, fix that -Dettman

Part 2 of the session:

Dey climbs a tree and sees a clearing in the distance as well as the town. The party heads towards the clearing wearing their costumes. Upon approaching the clearing they hear a scuffle, which upon closer inspection is a redcap chasing around a blue goblin.

The goblin is named Manthet, named after the greatest warriors of all, Man. The party mentions that they know where Monroe is.

"Greg do you want to fight or attack?"

"I want to attack!… Wait, what was the first option?"

Demonhive fight

Arrive at Verso (the town) and Xyn, Clare, and Orion go to the dance commencing at the tower while Dey goes to the tavern.

Dey talks with stoner Codi.

A desperate guy gives Clare a sending scroll.

Everyone drinks the terrran brandy and gets messed up.



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