Titan Song

Session 8

The Bass Drop

The party rests during the day to go and find the demonhive at night. They meet Manthet at the forests edge and says his mind is strong but is no fighter.

The party defeats a posse of demonhive attendants in the middle of the night. Dey fire punches a tree with the hive in it.  A rainstorm starts and keeps the party in check. Chirp shows up saying he was responsible for the storm and transports the party back to the town via lightning while sending Manthet to Monroe.

Orion blasts the shit out of a door in a practice room due to the static from Chirp's teleport.

"I dropped the bass"

Zaluzi is brought via palanquine through the town, passed out drunk. Sensing that he would not wake the crier that accompanied him said that he was on his way towards Tenochi to broker some kind of deal.




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