Titan Song

Session 9

The First Day of School

The party travels to the item store to look for items which can help them take the Balloedic tower, either as explosives or for distractions.

Orion goes to class taught by the very old and very disheveled Dr. Orff (tall and gangly). He is not very good. Orion lazes off and doodles people into the margins and notes of his music.

Dey attempts to create a forgery of Orion's student pass but finds an arcane mark on it. Xyn is disappointed that Dey can't swing both ways (arcane and divine). Inception. Xyn goes to the bar to try and find a wizard that has arcane mark prepared to steal. Upon learning that Xyn is a spellthief the bartender triggers a silent alarm. Armed guards arrive soon after. The party, excluding Orion jump out the window to escape. The guards enter the room, but with only Orion left the guards view the room as empty.

The guards give chase and attempt to subdue the party with tanglefoot bags. Xyn and Clare kill one of the guards while the other signals for help. Orion, in the midst of all this, leaves to go to class.

Seeing his friend dead, the other guard summons help. A bard and three more fighters appear and try to subdue the party. The posse captures Dey and Clare with Xyn flying off in owl form into the streets.



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